One of the Co-Founders of Kensington Brewing Company, Zack is a self taught brewer who started his brewing eleven years ago. Zack's now wife thought a home brewing kit would be a great gift, and little did she know it would turn into a passion that would lead to a family run business. Zack is a resident of the Kensington community and the brewery gets its namesake from its early beginnings in Zack's garage. Zack would say his early brewing style was influenced by his visits to the UK and his love of rich pale ales, stouts and porters.


Also a Co-Founder of KBC, Andy joined Zack in 2011 to help turn a passion for brewing into a brewery for many more to enjoy. Having a love for crisp West Coast IPAs and German Wheat beers, Andy was a big influence on early recipe design to ensure that Kensington had a very well balanced menu of style offerings for all different tastes.


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